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arrivals legacy project

The Arrivals Legacy Project (Arrivals) is a creative engagement tool designed for those who wish to seed new expressive works based on Ancestry and personal history. The process allows participants to connect in new ways to their authentic historic bodies as a powerful source for artistic expression, personal & cultural empowerment. The Arrivals method is a combination of “Afrosporic” influenced performance traditions (dance, voice, movement, alignment, balance), contemporary story weaving and improvisational techniques that opens doors for the emergence of embodied truths drawn from Ancestrally anchored personal places.

arrivals belonging project

For the ARRIVALS BELONGING Project, this process will be applied in parallel with an exploration of black historical figures, so our Ancestral legacies may be in dialogue with the cultural and social contributions of the English-speaking Black community of Quebec, with the hope of awakening a sense of belonging to the land.  The embodiment of this online experiment will be presented in March 2021 in the shape of an installation in a physical and digital space. The impact of the Arrivals process is profound & lasting. Participants have reported their encounters as turning point moments in their creative work, and in some cases, their lives. In whatever context the workshop is being conducted, the deeply rooted connections that are made, serve to open doors of creativity, diversity & connection.

About Arrivals Legacy

Zab Maboungou

Choreographer, Writer and Philosopher
Founder and Artistic Director of Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata


Loketo is about the way we stand and the way we walk in the world. A way to negotiate our presence in the world.

We carry our back with us as if we were in a circle… Develop the capacity of the body to constantly relate to the circle…  I’m interested in the dramaturgy of loketo and how story can emerge through the simplicity of knowing where you are in space: Lo (grounding/beginning) Ke (transition/middle) To (Arrival/’end’ [not really an end...]) and cycling back to the Lo.
Zab Maboungou “Meaning and Movement”, Arts Everywhere Conference, Guelph Ontario 2018